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mundoalexo's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 16 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 190 Points

Chain Demon

Chain Unlocked 9/25/15
5 Points
Item chain
Play Unlocked 9/25/15
5 Points
haha i'm using the internet
Sorry you are dead Unlocked 9/25/15
5 Points
Now you're dead play again
Bubble 5 Points Item shield
Kill Your Boss 5 Points Kill the first boss, and escapes from hell
5000 Points 10 Points You obtained 5000 points
10000 Points 25 Points You obtained 10000 points
20000 Points 25 Points You obtained 20000 points
30000 Points 50 Points You obtained 30000 points
50000 Points 50 Points You obtained 50000 points

Medals Earned: 3/10 (15/185 points)

Ching Chong Beautiful

Ignorance Isn't Bliss Unlocked 2/11/16
5 Points
Finish the Tutorial
Long Fall Unlocked 2/11/16
25 Points
Fall a long time for your ancestors
Ching Champion! 25 Points Defeat the Wicked Obstacle Course!
Long Slide 25 Points Slide a HELLA long time!
Too Close! 25 Points Save yourself from falling ten times
Big Baby 50 Points Earn all Platinums on Easy
Meet the Winners 50 Points Meet all the previous contestants
Brave as a Married Man 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Medium
Seppuku's Soul 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Hard

Medals Earned: 2/9 (30/405 points)

Super Oppressed PPL.

Anacusis Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
On the bright side, you don't have to hear Bieber anymore.
Colour Perception Impaired Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
Now you won't have to feel guilty about having a colour advantage.
Here, let me get that for you! Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
It'd be bad if someone felt inferior because they were challenged.
Hotwheels Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
You ain't got nothing on Fredrick Brennan!
Jump Man Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
Jumping is a privilege, not a right.
Lieutenant Dan Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
"It's time for a showdown! You and me! I'm right here!"
Lights Out! Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
Guerrilla Radio!
Saved in the Nick of Time! Unlocked 7/18/16
5 Points
Got euthanized 'cause there already were too many at the shelter.
Follow on Twitter 5 Points Follow me on Twitter @KMDES for more awesome games!
Professional Victim 5 Points Someone criticized me on the internet! Donate now!
Type: Human Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/11 (40/100 points)

Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2

First blood Unlocked 9/1/16
5 Points
Get the first kill
50 bullets Unlocked 9/1/16
50 Points
Shoot 50 bullets
TNT master Unlocked 9/1/16
50 Points
Blow up the 5 barrels of TNT
Girls killer 10 Points Get the murder of girl
Slasher 10 Points Get the first kill by saws
Box hate 25 Points Break the 25 boxes
Bat destroyer 50 Points Kill 20 bats
Half way 50 Points Pass the first 20 levels
Spider slayer 50 Points Kill 10 spiders
Skeleton hunter 100 Points Pass 30 levels

Medals Earned: 3/10 (105/400 points)